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Las Vegas Casino Marker AttorneyThe casino industry has gone to a great extent to lure consumers into their casinos using flashy lights, high-end performances, food, and free drinks. In such an alluring atmosphere with no clock and no sunlight, it becomes easy to lose track of time and get caught up in the fun and excitement. All of these tricks attract consumers to give their money away in exchange for the hope that they will hit it big. Also, long gone are the days when a gambler has to leave the table because of a lack of funds. To make gambling easier and convenient for players especially who play high stakes games, casino’s even offer a line of casino credits know as casino ‘marker’.

Las Vegas, Nevada is the center of gambling in the United States. According to Las Vegas visitor statistics the volume of visitors in the year 2017 was around 42 million. As per the visitor profile report, nearly three-quarters (74%) of 2017 visitors said they gambled while in Las Vegas, while 5% to 6% said they were in Las Vegas primarily to gamble. Many of these visitors find themselves in trouble as a result of acquiring too much gambling debt or casino marker debt.

What is a Gambling Marker?

Gambling marker also known as casino marker is a line of credit limit provided to player at zero percent interest while playing in casino. For getting a casino marker, the player fills up a marker application. Once approved, the player can request a marker for a specific amount. The player must sign the marker, after which he/she is free to redeem it in the form of chips or cash to use at the slot machines or try his/her luck on the casino tables.

Casino Marker Laws in Nevada

A marker is like a check under Nevada law, signing a bad marker is like passing a bad check with knowledge that there is no money in the bank to cover it. The gambler is usually given 30 days to make the marker good before criminal action can be taken. If he fails to do so, an arrest warrant can issue and the gambler can be jailed or required to post bond in the amount of the bad marker.

If you are a tourist visiting Las Vegas and you fail to pay the casino markers debt, there will be warrants issued for your arrest to get debt paid. Other states are required to honor this extradition, and many of them do not allow bail during this process. Non-U.S. citizens convicted of a felony casino marker crime face deportation. It is recommended to contact a Las Vegas Casino Marker Attorney immediate who has the experience and knowledge in the area of casino marker.

What is the punishment for unpaid casino marker in Nevada?

The penalties for unpaid casino markers depend on the amount of the marker unpaid. Here are the following charges and penalties:

  • Misdemeanor charges if the unpaid marker was less than $250, punishable by up to six months in jail and fines up to $10,000.
  • Category D Felony if the unpaid marker is more than $650, punishable by one to four years in prison and a possible fine up to $5,000.

If you are having any unpaid casino markers debts, consult a casino marker attorney in Las Vegas as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the greater will be the penalties and consequences you have to face in future.

Why need a lawyer to defend a casino marker debt charges?

If you are not able to pay the casino markers debt, the best step you can take is to contact the Attorney in Nevada who is experienced in handling these types of matters as soon as the casino notifies you of the debt. The attorney first step will be contacting the casino and attempt to work out with either a payment plan, or a lump sum payment for some lesser negotiated amount.

But if the case is already gone to the District Attorney (DA), then the attorney will have to negotiate with their office. If warrant has been issued, then the attorney will place the matter on calendar to cancel the warrant, and set it for the further proceedings while he negotiates on your behalf. If you wait too long, you can be arrested anywhere. A lawyer can stop this process, help you fight the charges and stay out of prison.

Why hire Law Offices of Gary A. Modafferi?

Criminal defense attorney Gary A Modafferi is a highly experienced lawyer who has successfully handled many casino marker cases. It is really important to choose a good attorney who has a lot of experience in such situation who has connections and can aggressively negotiate on your behalf. Our law firm can help you build a defense to fight the charges. Attorney Gary A Modafferi has been practicing law in Nevada for more than 20 years, so he understands the legal atmosphere particular to this city and is completely familiar with unique Casino Marker Nevada laws.

No matter whether you have been falsely accused or are just going through a bad time financially, call Law Offices of Gary A. Modafferi at 702-474-4222 or schedule a consultation online to draw on our extensive experience to try to win you a dismissal or reduction in your casino marker case.

Quick Casino Marker FAQs

  1. How is debt or unpaid casino marker debt collected by casino?

Casino’s expects that the gambler pays the debt themselves usually waits for 30 days. If the gambler does not pay their debt within the agreed upon time period, casinos will take upon themselves to collect the debt by:

  • The casino will attempt to contact you by letter, asking you to pay the outstanding marker before it submits the marker to the bank
  • Cashing the check given by gambler at the time of marker acceptance form.
  • In case of no enough funds the casino tries to contact the gambler by any mode of communication and waits for gambler response for nearly 10 days.
  • If no response by the gambler than they directly contact District Attorney to file complaint.
  • The district attorney office will send you a letter and give you 10 days to respond and pay the marker. District Attorney’s Office typically adds a fee to each and every marker of 10 percent.
  • If you do not respond, a warrant is issued for your arrest. The warrant will immediately be in effect across the United States.
  1. Is unpaid casino marker considered as fraud?

Nevada law automatically presumes the defendant had the intent to defraud if there were insufficient funds in his/her bank account when the casinos tried to redeem the markers. So if a person’s bank accounts overdrafts, the defendant is guilty until proven innocent.

  1. What can be the consequences of not repaying a casino marker?

You can find yourself in trouble as you can be:

  • Arrested
  • Can be in prison for about 4 years
  • Fines
  • Court and legal costs
  • Lengthy, invasive probationary period
  • Ruined credit record

And – repayment of casino marker debt amount

  1. What are my defenses to a casino marker charges?

If you are a first-time offender with no criminal history, the District Attorney may be willing to negotiate a payment plan and dismiss your case without jail time once restitution is paid. However, if the District Attorney wants to prosecute the case, your attorney will build a defense based on the circumstances of your case

  • The casino marker was invalid,
  • The defendant had no intent to defraud the casino

Even if criminal charges are dropped, the casino can still sue you in civil court in an attempt to collect on any unpaid markers. That is why it is crucial to hire an experienced Las Vegas defense attorney to handle your case from the very start.

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